This is our online database of Dick Cavett Shows. The shows in this database are the ones we have in our possesion (as opposed to shows listed on and other fan sites.)

Click above to see our list of shows by broadcaster. Once you select a broadcaster you can browse the individual shows in chronological order by date of broadcast. You can also search for guests by using the search box or browse our guest page that has a complete list of all guest appearing on the Dick Cavett shows.

You can leave a comment about a show below that shows description. Comments are moderated and it may take several days before your comment appears on the website.

If you would like to license a clip or purchase a screener, we need the show number from our database. episode names and numbers are not very accurate as they are based on TV Guide and newspaper listings and often do not reflect the shows in our collection.

Because of copyright restrictions, we are not able to offer individual shows to the public.

Please contact our licensing manager for all questions regardings screeners and licensing.

Please note, we only have a few shows from Dick's stint on ABC Daytime (from March 4, 1968 to January 24, 1969) because the network reused those tapes and in so doing erased the content. We do have some audio only recordings from that time perod and those are marked as "Audio only" in the database. If you know of any shows from that period that we don't have we would love to hear about it.